Lottie Ainsworth

Square Dance Caller/Instructor

West Monroe, Louisiana

Street Dances~Teen Groups~Special Club Dances~Weekends~Festivals~Conventions             Large or Small Events~Will Travel

BMI/ASCAP Licensed



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Meet Lottie

In 1995 friends encouraged Lottie to learn square dancing and she was soon hooked.  She quickly learned both the Mainstream and Plus level program.  As there were five or six clubs within a few miles she danced several time weekly.  Square dancing was very fulfilling; she helped with beginner dancers as often as classes were conducted and she enjoyed traveling with friends to weekend events.

Lottie had always had a flair for entertaining.  She sang in her church choir, frequently doing specials and has even served as the youth choir director.  As a square dancer, she provided a variety of entertainment and skits for numerous events and parties. Lottie was affectionately known around the local square dance community as "Lulu" (the character she sometimes personified).

In May of 2000 at a local barn dance Lottie surprised her friends by calling a tip with one of the local callers.  Not knowing that she had never called before, some visiting dancers wanted to hire her to call at their club.  Of course she declined telling them she was not really a caller.  Less then 1 year later, Lottie called for those folks at their club. 

Lottie attended the Lone Star Callers College conducted by Jon Jones, Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story in 2000 and 2001.  In the interim she traveled extensively to hear and learn from various established callers.  Some invited her to do guest tips.  She relied upon a beautiful singing voice to entertain but delivered dance commands with such clarity that she soon became known in the square dance community.  She began to take bookings after 6 months of guest tips.

Lottie has called in 30 states and British Columbia.  She has called or is scheduled to call at state conventions or festivals in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.  Lottie has called at 13 National Conventions and (by invitation) for several after parties. 

Lottie currently records on Hi Hat Records.